Dressing Summer Tomatoes

By maadmin (July 16, 2014)

With great-tasting summer tomatoes abundant and ripening on the vine, it’s the perfect time to showcase these antioxidant-rich vegetables with simple preparations. Chef Nicole Heaney has added Strawberry and Tomato Gazpacho, a Caprese Lavosh, and a beautiful starter, Compressed Watermelon and Tomato Salad on Mii amo Cafe’s summer menus.   She tops this appetizer with a dressing of marinated feta, sprouts and lime zest, which would work equally well over sliced tomatoes.  Here’s her recipe:

Marinated Feta Dressing

½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/3 Cup Feta cheese, crumbled

1 Teaspoon dried oregano

1 Teaspoon dried basil

½ Teaspoon dried thyme

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix well and let marinate for several hours.

To serve, drizzle over sliced tomatoes.  Chef uses 1 Tablespoon dressing per portion and garnishes the plate with radish sprouts and a little lime zest to taste.

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How to Walk the Labyrinth

By maadmin (June 27, 2014)

Mii amo’s new labyrinth was recently introduced on the afternoon of the summer solstice.  The design is a classical, circular labyrinth, an ancient, spiritual tool used for personal transformation.

Labyrinths can be found all over the world, and their origin is unknown. They were often found in churches in the Middle Ages, most famously in the thirteenth century Chartres Cathedral outside Paris.  In those times, labyrinths were walked as a form of repentance, or in place of a pilgrimage. Today, people walk labyrinths to help solve a problem, find inspiration, or manifest a goal.

We invite guests into the labyrinth, located on the grassy lawn in front of Mii amo in view of the red rock walls of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon, on a walking meditation to quiet the mind, ground the body and open the heart.

  1. Calm reflection: Spend a few moments in meditation outside the labyrinth.  Remove your shoes if you wish, feel the grass and connect with the earth. Think about your life and everything that has led you to being here at this moment.  Express gratitude. Listen to the sounds of nature all around you—birds chirping, the rustling leaves in the trees. Think about what you next want to manifest in your life.
  2. Intention: With this thought, enter the labyrinth and silently and clearly state your intention.  Take a few deep breaths.
  3. Walk: Set your pace and just walk the spiraled path. Quiet the mind and enjoy the experience.
  4. Reflect: Pause for a few moments when you reach the center to meditate or reflect.
  5. Exit: When ready, turn to the left and walk straight out.
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Mii amo’s four new fitness classes offer lots of inspiration for guests who want to challenge themselves or refresh a routine workout program with some new moves.  Fitness Director Danielle Fryer leads these fun, fast-paced classes focused on toning and shaping the body.

ABsolutely Core is a strength training workout focused on the belly and lower back muscles. Step Up is a high-intensity cardio class designed to strengthen and shape the lower body.  Total Body Lift alternates between quick spurts of cardio and weight lifting.

For those who want an outdoor workout in the beauty of Sedona’s Boynton Canyon, WOGA combines power walking and nature-inspired yoga postures.

Try one or all of the new classes for an invigorating morning workout at the destination spa, or allow us to design a program tailored to specific needs and goals.

Guests will now find a cairn garden in the central atrium of Mii amo Spa.  A cairn is a mound of intentionally stacked stones, and guests are invited to choose stones to create their own cairn as an expression of an intention or meditation.

The ritual of stacking stones into a pile called a cairn is a centuries-old practice used to memorialize people, locations and events.  Native Americans assembled cairns for ceremonial purposes.  Traditionally, these stones are of varying shapes and sizes and are indigenous to the area. Ours come from Boynton Canyon.

Cairns are often associated with a prayer, the setting of an intention or a quiet meditation. The mere act of choosing the perfect stone can inspire mindfulness as we contemplate and search for the stone that speaks to us.  Placing a wish stone atop a towering cairn can be meditative and leave one feeling peaceful.

Also at the cairn garden, from 5:30 – 6:30 pm on Thursdays and Sundays, our Native American guest performer plays traditional pieces on an array of flutes, sharing stories of his ancestors through music handed down from the elders.

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A Sweetheart Of A Menu

By maadmin (February 13, 2014)

Mii amo Cafe shows you don’t have to go overboard on calories to celebrate an occasion like Valentine’s Day, or forgo it altogether just because you are on a destination spa vacation.  With this four-course, prix-fixe menu, Chef Nicole Heaney wins our hearts with beautiful ingredients low in calories. Rich colors on the plate dazzle the eye, and the taste buds are wooed with flavors of cinnamon, raspberry champagne, caraway, spicy harissa and chocolate.  An optional wine pairing seals the deal.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Tasting Menu

February 14, 2014

Butternut Squash Soup

Cinnamon Apple Foam

150 cal, 1g fat, 27c, 3g prot

Raventos I Blanc, Cava, Reserva Brut (Penedes) 2009


Seacat Gardens Freckled Romaine

Raspberry Champagne Vinaigrette

Goat Cheese, Marcona Almonds

250 cal, 8g fat, 43 carb, 6g prot

Domaine Fouassier, Sancerre (Sancerre) 2011


Seared Loup de Mer

Caraway Scented Cannelinni Beans

Sous Vide Red Cabbage, Harissa

570 cal, 12g fat, 60 carb, 49g prot.

Heron, Pinot Noir (Monterey) 2011


Dark Chocolate Souffle

House-made Raz Cherry Marshmallows

Toasted Macadamia Nuts

390 cal, 18g fat, 41 carb,16g prot

Justin, Obtuse (Paso Robles) 2010


$85 for non-Mii amo guests / $125 with wine pairing

Mii amo Cafe is open to guests of Mii amo Spa and Enchantment Resort

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Seven Valentines from Mii amo

By maadmin (January 22, 2014)

Mii amo Spa has created seven creative ways to express your love this Valentine’s Day, one for each day of the week during our “Romance, Laughter & Love” celebration February 9-15.

This Arizona destination spa thinks out of the box when it comes to Valentines. Surrounded by red rocks, in a stunningly beautiful location, couples will leave with a sweet memory of one’s commitment to each other.  Each day, a different experience is featured.  All are private sessions, ranging from 30-120 minutes, and must be booked in advance:

Sunday: Private ceremony in the Crystal Grotto, the spiritual heart of Mii amo, with drumming

Monday: Build a cairn to commemorate your relationship during a guided meditation

Tuesday: Soul Seeker for Couples, one of our specialty treatments with a master therapist

Wednesday: Create a vision board to cultivate more of what you want in the relationship

Thursday: Spirit of the Full Moon treatment, to release what no longer serves the relationship

Friday: Aura-Soma Relationship Reading, to reveal the give and take of each person

Saturday: Synastry – The Astrology of Relationships, offers best ways to communicate

To book your spa valentine, please contact a Mii amo consultant at 888.749.2137

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New Beginnings for a New Year

By maadmin (December 23, 2013)

A new moon leads in this new year, a season of new beginnings offering opportunities to grow, improve, and learn.  Mii amo, an Arizona destination spa, brings together some of their best treatments, private sessions and activities for a month-long series to help kick-start your best year.

Each day, beginning Sunday Dec 29, 2013 through Friday January 31, 2014, a different activity or treatment will be featured. Learn ways to de-stress, have a personalized fitness program designed just for you,  receive nutritional recommendations, create a vision board to manifest your hopes and dreams, and more.  Your January Journey will put you on the path with tools, inspiration and knowledge to face a terrific new year.

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What’s Cooking in the Kitchen

By maadmin (November 27, 2013)

With a lifelong passion for seasonal, fresh ingredients, our new chef, Nicole Heaney, is feeling right at home at Mii amo.  Many of her one-of-a-kind dishes are already hits on our new menus, like the Lamb Chops with Carrot Cardamom Velouté featured in American Spa magazine.   Guests will find new, rotating menus with delectable choices featuring a balance of sweet-salty-savory in every bite, like Mekong Curry or Charred Scallop Salad.

Diners can also design their own entrée, choosing a protein — wild salmon, ahi, organic roasted chicken, housemade seitan–with choice of sides: broccolini, kale, blistered shishito peppers, or seasonal foraged mushrooms with fennel pollen, to name a few choices.

Inspired by the destination spa’s organic garden, the taste and quality of local Arizona ingredients, and the challenge of creating satisfaction with lower calorie counts, Nicole is passionate about sharing “intelligent cuisine” with diners. There is no feeling of deprivation when dining here, only revelation that healthy food can be so satisfying.  Heaney also oversees the popular cooking demonstration program, where she and her team offer inspiration for cooking deliciously healthy meals at home.

“What I love most about cooking at Mii amo is the attention I’m able to give each guest, creating a personalized culinary experience without adding to their waistline,” says Chef Nicole.  Stop by the open kitchen and say hello on your next visit.

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Tanya Wenman Steel, a James Beard Foundation Journalism award-winner  who has served as Editor- in- chief of Epicurious and Gourmet, New York editor of Bon Appetit magazine, and appears frequently as an epicurean authority on national news and entertainment programs, recently chose to spend her birthday at Enchantment on a girlfriend getaway.

We were fortunate she took time out of her Sedona spa resort celebration to lead one of our cooking classes where she demonstrated  a trio of recipes pulled from her New York Times best-seller: The Epicurious Cookbook: More than 250 of Our Best-Loved Four-Fork Recipes for Weeknights, Weekends & Special Occasions, a curated collection organized by seasons.  “Four-Fork “refers to the highest rating readers can give a recipe.  Guests enjoyed front-row seats at the Mii amo open kitchen and savored tastings of these three, easy-to-make recipes:

Warm Tofu with Spicy Garlic Sauce

Quinoa with Moroccan Winter Squash and Carrot Stew

Peaches and Cream Yogurt Pops

Mii amo, a destination spa, offers cooking demo classes Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays, 3-4 pm.

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Eat Healthy!

By maadmin (April 4, 2013)

At Mii amo spa in Sedona, our “intelligent” cuisine is eclectic, delicious, and healthy with no sense of deprivation.   Dr. Jenna Blasi, a naturopathic doctor who works with Mii amo guests, offers a strategy for cooking intelligently at home by taking a holistic approach to a better diet.

By Jenna Blasi, ND

When I was in naturopathic medical school, people always asked me, “How do you have time to exercise and eat right?”  My response was, “How do I have time not to?” Without proper diet and exercise, my work took me much longer and was much less productive, and I was more tired.

This is not about being hard on ourselves,  it’s about finding what works for you.  No one way of eating works for everyone, but this cardinal rule does apply to all:

Eat whole, unprocessed (preferably organic) food as much as possible.  Here is a strategy you can use at home:

Develop a healthy outlook and a strong foundation for health

  • Take a holistic view of nutrition by looking at all aspects of your life
  • Explore Ayurvedic medicine’s four pillars of health—nourishment, movement, sleep and sacred space and find where balance is needed.

Discover what triggers poor food choices and address it

  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress or emotional issues
  • Lack of movement
  • Lack of joy and activities that nourish you

Plan ahead

  • Make a weekly meal plan
  • Choose one day a week to prepare and freeze food, like soup
  • Cut up fresh vegetables for snacks and quick salads
  • Stock up on healthy snacks like vegetables with hummus, a handful of almonds or walnuts, a rice cake with almond butter, or fruit
  • Bring a soft-sided cooler to work with healthy snacks and lunch

Start your day right

  • Begin the day drinking pure water, and keep hydrated throughout the day
  • Eat a breakfast of protein and healthy fats, or complex carbohydrates

Keep blood sugar balanced throughout the day

  • Eating simple sugars set us up for low energy and more sugar cravings
  • While it’s okay to feel some hunger, starving yourself throughout the day usually leads to overeating later

Eat Consciously When unhealthy food cravings arise, stop, check in with yourself, and try to understand the triggers:

  • Are you dehydrated?  Drink a glass of water.
  • Are you just stressed?  Take some deep breaths, move
  • Delay gratification when a craving hits instead of immediately giving in.  Allow yourself to occasionally indulge to avoid feelings of deprivation

Eat Wisely

  • Eat mostly vegetables (at least half your plate should be vegetables) with small amounts of good quality protein and/or whole grains
  • Eat whole, unprocessed (preferably organic) foods as much as possible
  • Do your best to eliminate bread, pasta, potatoes and white rice from your diet
  • Eliminate soda, including diet (evidence links diet soda with obesity)
  • Eat healthy fats

Guests who want to learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices can schedule a meeting at Mii amo with  Dr. Jenna Blasi, a naturopathic doctor who completed a residency in Integrative Medicine at Yale University’s Yale-Griffin  Prevention Research Center.