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New Mii amo Workshops for 2015

By maadmin (January 23, 2015)

Five new workshops debut this year at Mii amo, joining a list of ongoing classes designed to inspire and inform guests during their stay.  The 60-minute classes, led by a Mii amo staff member or consultant, offer insight into a … Continue reading

Smooth Skin for Spring

By maadmin (February 23, 2013)

Dawn Lay, Esthetician for Mii amo spa in Sedona, offers these tips for getting skin smooth, polished and ready for spring. Winter weather, dry indoor air, and too many hot showers can leave skin dry and dull looking, but regular … Continue reading

What is your intention?  Maybe it’s to enjoy an all-inclusive spa vacation at Mii amo this year.  Whatever it is, the important thing is to set it and begin.  This month, Leslee Vogal, M.A.,CH, CSH, NC, shows you how. Setting … Continue reading

Serene Sanders brings more than 20 years of experience in the holistic health industry to her new role as Spa Director at Mii amo. Responsible for overseeing the daily spa operations, ongoing refinement of the treatment menu, wellness programs and … Continue reading

I had honestly never heard of dry brushing until I was introduced to it at Mii amo.  We use the technique of dry brushing in several of our treatments at the Spa including the Sedona Clay Wrap, the Ayurvedic Herbal Wrap, … Continue reading

Live Your Dreams

By Jan Dibeler (July 25, 2011)

In the dark several months ago, I was typing on my computer lying in bed, and all of a sudden noticed a caterpillar crawling on my keyboard. After the initial fright, I realized that it represented transformational energy.   Dance has been a … Continue reading

A Brighter You

By Dawn Lay (May 11, 2011)

Many of my clients are concerned about the hyper pigmentation that they see on their skin. Sun damage, melasma, sunspots, age and liver spots, are some of the terminology I may hear being used to describe their condition. Scars, acne marks and … Continue reading

Exciting changes are happening at Mii amo as we premier a new consult  – Exercise Physiology. The 90-minute service includes 9 fitness tests and a personalized exercise program that balances out one’s current program and is suitable for novices as well as athletes. The tests include … Continue reading

“We love each other; we just don’t seem to be able to communicate.  All of our serious talks end up as angry escalations.”   “My co-worker doesn’t let me finish my sentences. I am feeling disrespected and sad.” “My family accuses … Continue reading

When we think of fitness, we seldom consider breath as an aspect of it. Our breath is reflective of who we are in many ways, both physically and emotionally.  Breath is the foundation of our being, present at birth in … Continue reading