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Spring Moves at Mii amo

By maadmin (February 28, 2015)

Looking for a new workout for spring? Mii amo’s Spring Activity Schedule provides exciting options for every fitness level.  Try something new each day, or focus on perfecting a favorite.  Our fitness staff is available to guide and make recommendations. … Continue reading

Transformations in the New Year

By maadmin (November 26, 2014)

January is traditionally the time of resolutions, when we begin anew to do the work to manifest the changes we want to see in ourselves.  Our three January retreats are designed to help you along the path of transformation for … Continue reading

Mii amo’s four new fitness classes offer lots of inspiration for guests who want to challenge themselves or refresh a routine workout program with some new moves.  Fitness Director Danielle Fryer leads these fun, fast-paced classes focused on toning and … Continue reading

With the imminent arrival of spring, now is a good time to revisit New Year’s resolutions and take stock of what is and isn’t working.  For many of us, regular exercise is a goal that could use a kick start. … Continue reading

Tightness, inflexibility, body aches…not our vision for a happy life. Living pain-free and enjoying a vital and active lifestyle engaged in ways that create joy and fulfillment, especially as we age, is a reachable goal. Most of the restrictions we … Continue reading

Finding Balance

By Jan Dibeler (June 4, 2012)

We’re tapped in, plugged in, connected, and tapped out. From morning to night we’re hot-wired to our cell phones, iphones, laptops, smart phones and ipads. This constant connection keeps us so busy that it can impact our health in potentially … Continue reading

Mii amo continues to stay on the forefront of wellness technology with the introduction of the Kinetic Flow treatment. The 60 minute session designed by Mii amo is delivered on the WaveMotion massage table and allows guests to remain fully … Continue reading

Live Your Dreams

By Jan Dibeler (July 25, 2011)

In the dark several months ago, I was typing on my computer lying in bed, and all of a sudden noticed a caterpillar crawling on my keyboard. After the initial fright, I realized that it represented transformational energy.   Dance has been a … Continue reading

Hydration, ultimately important for survival and performing optimally is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Up to 70% of the body’s weight is water, important for every process in the body; repairing, healing, and growing. When more water leaves the body … Continue reading

Exciting changes are happening at Mii amo as we premier a new consult  – Exercise Physiology. The 90-minute service includes 9 fitness tests and a personalized exercise program that balances out one’s current program and is suitable for novices as well as athletes. The tests include … Continue reading