Finding Balance

By Jan Dibeler (June 4, 2012) | Return to Blog

We’re tapped in, plugged in, connected, and tapped out. From morning to night we’re hot-wired to our cell phones, iphones, laptops, smart phones and ipads. This constant connection keeps us so busy that it can impact our health in potentially stressful ways. Before we can connect to self, we need to disconnect from the technological devices that demand our attention from morning to night. Quieting the devices that connect us to the outer world allows us to hear our inner quiet voice of intuition.

Of the three energies that constantly affect us and our world — gravity that pulls down on all things, inspiration that lifts us up, and the energy of our being that we can connect to through mindfulness — it is the that most important connection to our center that can be the most fleeting. Taking time for silence, meditation, and living in the moment to balance out our responsibilities has been a life saver for many.

Many early mornings while sitting on my deck, gliding back and forth amongst the pine and fruit trees and watching the birds, I breathe deeply the cool morning air. Here I can center and recharge, and awaken and listen to the intuition that seeks to guide. Finding the inspiration that creates the foundation of all decisions ultimately creates a very satisfying, happy and balanced life.

Time passes whether life is wonderful or taxing, so explore new ideas and activities that complement your life and make it more enjoyable. Exercise regularly, especially in the fresh air if possible. It has been observed that our very DNA is less frayed and better preserved in people who engage in regular exercise.

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Who said we could not have the fountain of youth!