New at Mii amo Kitchen

By Corey Shoemaker (July 8, 2011) | Return to Blog

First let me start off by saying what an honor and privilege it is to be at the helm of Mii amo kitchen. I am super excited to bring my combination of flavors and own personal style to the kitchen here. Ok now on to the fun stuff!! FOOD.
Lots of new things are already on the menu and on the horizon here at Mii amo; our summer soups are in full swing; make sure to check out our Mii amo Garden Gazpacho with charred pineapple pico de gallo and the electric colored chilled English Pea Soup with local goat cheese feta, pea tendrils and rice crisps. Both soups have big flavors that pop on your palate with natural brightness. Can you say yummy?
Also the new house salad will be debuting shortly for lunch and dinner; this is a classic rework on the strawberry poppy seed salad. I have made a tangy, sweet and yet creamy poppy seed dressing that only has 22 calories per serving. Oh how the strained yogurt comes in handy!! Add sprouts, mixed baby greens, cucumber, carrot and radish, then top it off with the poppy dressing. New spinach salad with fresh basil vinaigrette and a roasted beet salad with chunky feta dressing will follow.
Hope everyone loves Oysters; I am bringing my personal favorite to the menu, Kumomoto’s from the west coast, fresh shucked on the half shell. Pair them with house pickled beets, cilantro mignonette and ginger.
Entrées to be looking for in the near future are the Lobster Udon with red jalapenos, straw mushrooms and ginger-basil broth; Miso glazed Duck breast with blueberry sticky rice; Pad Thai sauté and Bouillabaisse.

As you can see there are a lot of fun new things happening here at the kitchen. Stop by and see us soon. Have fun and enjoy cooking!!
Chef Corey