Attain and maintain fitness goals with customized routines designed especially for your lifestyle by our certified personal trainers.

» Prices do not include gratuities or tax.

Strength Training

60 minutes $160

If you seek to begin a new program or tweak an existing one, our certified personal trainers will guide you through a customized workout and design a take- ome program to continue your goals after departure. From novice to expert fitness enthusiast, this private session will breathe new life into your exercise routine.

Private Yoga

60 minutes $160

Whether you are a novice or practice yoga on a regular basis, our yoga instructors can design a yoga session focused on your desired yoga type, skill level and interests. This can be booked as an individual session or a “shared session” for two.

Ayurvedic Yoga

60 minutes $160

This specialized yoga brings the mind and body back into balance. You will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation exercises to harmonize your dominant dosha. To deepen your awareness of your particular dosha, we recommend an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation with this service.

Aqua Fitness

60 minutes $160

Enjoy a custom-designed workout with less impact on your back, shoulders and knees. This session, which is available individually or as a “shared session” for two, will incorporate stretching, core and strength training in the pool, using water for resistance and comfort.

Private Pilates

60 minutes $160

Often referred to as the “power house” of the body, a strong and balanced core provides symmetry, strength and balance for daily activities and athletic pursuits. Using Pilates principles, you will work with one of our certified personal trainers to build, lengthen and strengthen your core muscles and improve overall balance and stability. Your trainer will design a customized program to use at home. Please indicate if you wish to learn mat or reformer techniques at the time of booking an individual session or a shared session for two.

The Traveler’s Workout

60 minutes $160

Traveling can throw a wrench into any workout ritual. In this consultation, our trainer will help you explore techniques that can be performed on your travels without gym equipment or weights. Designed to help the traveler stay toned and healthy on the road, this consult will have you saying “bon voyage” to that extra travel baggage in no time.

Performance Nutrition

60 minutes $160
90 minutes $235

Are you a competitive athlete? Do you work out more than three hours per week? Would you like to learn more about athletic performance balanced with performance enhancing foods?
Optimize athletic performance to complement preparation, competition and "off season" plans. Enhance hydration and fueling schedules for before, during and after athletic training. Review of dietary supplements and sports foods for safety, efficacy, and quality.

Private & Shared Classes

60 minutes $160

Any of our regularly scheduled fitness classes not listed here can be booked as a private class, either individually or as a “shared session” for two, and will be customized to meet your needs.