Power of Water

Hydrotherapy and stress-relieving soaks harness the power of water to deeply relax the body, restore the energy flow, clear the mind and open the heart. Please wear a bathing suit for these treatments.

» Prices do not include gratuities or tax.

Hydrotherapy Bath

60 minutes $160

A hydrotherapy treatment is a profoundly relaxing experience. Our hydrotherapy tub is equipped with 20 underwater jets positioned to massage and relax the entire body. Floating in the warm, gravity-freeing environment makes the subsequent massage more effective. Please wear a bathing suit for this treatment.

Milk and Honey Bath

60 minutes $160
90 minutes $235

This luxurious treatment begins with a honey scrub, followed by a warm bath filled with milk and honey, and culminates with a light massage. The 90-minute session includes a 30-minute massage. Please wear a bathing suit for this treatment.


60 minutes $160

Watsu is a gentle form of bodywork performed in our warm, private, outdoor therapy pool. It combines elements of shiatsu massage, joint mobilization, muscle stretching and dance. The deeply relaxing effects of warm salt water and nurturing support combine with Watsu’s movements to create an experience with therapeutic benefits and healing potential on many levels. Please wear a bathing suit for this treatment.