A Journey of Taste Cookbook

In Yuman, the traditional Native American language of Northern Arizona, Mii amo means "journey." A visit to Mii amo spa is the ultimate journey, a release from everyday worries and stress in the rejuvenating and breathtaking environment of Sedona. Mii amo launched its first cookbook, "A Journey of Taste," allowing readers to start on their own journey toward a healthier lifestyle by bringing the spa's cuisine and practices home.

Mii amo's food is not typical spa cuisine. It's nutritious, but also satisfying with no suggestion of deprivation. It uses the highest quality products available, including organically grown fruits and vegetables and quality meat and seafood and combines them in simple, easy-to-prepare recipes. It's low-fat, low-cholesterol, and low-carbohydrate, but it’s high in taste and never prescriptive. To place your order, please visit http://www.miiamo.com/mii-amo-cafe/cookbook-recipes/.