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June 23 – 27, 2024 | Spiritual Being in a Busy World with Kara Ladd


To welcome the summer solstice, Mii amo will partner with Kara Ladd, a dynamic storyteller, speaker and one-in-a-million cancer survivor, to take guests on an awe-inspiring journey of self discovery, re-awakening us to the wonder and magic of everyday life. 

Through Ladd’s three-part series, she will empower individuals to stop seeking outside of themselves to awaken and heal, but rather reclaim their power through accessible spiritual embodiment and integration techniques. There’s a rich, emerging science behind the simple, but profound power of awe and wonder. These states are found to regulate our nervous system, our emotions, release stress and most importantly increase our ability to receive love, joy and feelings of fulfillment.

It’s time to stop hustling through our healing, and start living — embracing the extraordinary magic that dwells within our everyday. Join us for one or all three parts of this series during your Journey.

Embrace Your Journey

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Day 1: Awaken
Healing Through Dis-Ease, Slow Living & Resacreding Life

Join award-winning storyteller and soul-led brand strategist, Kara Ladd, for an expansive workshop on how she healed from a one-in-a-million cancer alongside her top tools for everyday spiritual embodiment. Through somatic visualization, her go-to journaling practice and mindfulness techniques—grounded in the science of wonder—Kara will help you unlock everyday awe in the most ordinary of settings. Thus, amplifying your energy and personal power.

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Day 2: Vision-Mapping
Amplify Your Personal Power

Crack open your heart-center and connect deeply to core essence — your purest fullest most authentic expression. This energetic epicenter is the place where your manifestations actualize. Expect to dive deep into your subconscious through an introspective visualization and vision mapping session to unlock a higher vibration within. You will leave this activation with a framework of your core unique essence and zone of genius — an energy that no one in the universe has but you. 

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Day 3: Healing
Wonder Walk Through the Energetic Vortex

Embark on a sensorial, healing hike naturally activated by Sedona’s energetic vortex in Boynton Canyon. Through intentional observation and a brief elemental 101 healing workshop you will learn how to connect to your body, your energy and the natural world in a whole new way. 

Kara Ladd is a dynamic award-winning storyteller, speaker and strategist on a mission to connect modern mindfulness to the masses.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with a rare, one-in-a-million synovial sarcoma cancer. This life-shattering awakening was the powerful catalyst that sparked the spiritual-meets-strategic work that she puts out into the world today. 

After healing, she left her glossy 9-to-5 job as Hearst Digital Media’s E-Commerce & Partnerships Editor, writing and producing content across all 28 publications, to launch her Conscious Marketing Consultancy that leads holistic brand buildouts for the next generation of modern, mindful brands. Her 1:1 mentorship containers, workshops and immersions aim to guide leaders in getting clear, connected and amplifying their power. 

Ladd is also the podcast host of Facing FWD:, a conscious lifestyle podcast that features conversations that catalyze, writer of Growing FWD: a soul-centered substack for self growth, and a transformational, soul-led leadership speaker. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Mind Body Green, Forbes and more. 

Above all, her journey has taught her the power of awe and wonder in our everyday life—what she believes is the missing piece to the modern spiritual world. 

When not writing, working or traveling the globe, you can typically find her at home in Brooklyn with her partner & plants.