Enchantment Adventures to Mii amo Renewal

  • hikers sitting on trail in sedona
  • two people meditating in Mii amo Crystal Grotto
  • two hikers on the trail in Sedona
  • Woman lounging on Private Terrace at Mii amo
  • breakfast on enchantment patio
  • Inside of the Trail House at Enchantment
  • group of hikers on trail in sedona

Go from hiking adventures to mindful renewal.

A blend of outdoor adventure and connection within, experience the best of Mii amo and Enchantment Resort. Your stay will begin at Enchantment Resort followed by a Journey within at Mii amo.

Embark on a customized stay at both resorts and ground yourself in the rare energy of Boynton Canyon.

Offer may be reserved by calling 855.766.0332. Available to guests ages 16 and older.

Mii amo / Enchantment Itineraries

All stays are personalized for each guest. Please contact our reservations team to customize your preferred combination.

Sunken living room with side bench seating

2-night stay at Enchantment Resort + 3-night all-inclusive Mii amo Journey

stargazing on top of mountain

3-night stay at Enchantment Resort + 4-night all-inclusive Mii amo Journey

sunset casting shadows on Boynton Canyon trail Sedona

3-night stay at Enchantment Resort + 7-night all-inclusive Mii amo Journey