Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use my spa credit at the Enchantment Resort Trail House?

Yes! Mii amo guests are able to use their daily credit for spa or Trail House activities. This includes hiking, biking, arts & crafts, and much more. The only element of the Trail House where daily credit cannot be used is in the retail outlet within the Trail House.

What should I bring with me?

Less is more while staying with us at Mii amo. We strongly encourage guests to spend as much time in their robes as possible. Packing hiking attire and/or other comfortable lounge wear will be perfect. We are a very comfortable casual environment, if you would like to dress up you may be the only one.

What will the weather be like at that time of year?


Are reservations made close to arrival date accepted?

Absolutely! If you are booking within 3 weeks of arrival and there is a specific treatment you would like to have while on your Journey, it is recommended to contact our Journey Guide team at 928-204-6101.

Is there a dress code at Mii amo?

We do not have a dress code; however, we do recommend wearing comfortable clothing and many guests choose to wear their Mii amo robe to dinner.

Do I need a car?

Once you arrive on property you would not need to leave. If you wish to hike or bike on Sedona’s extensive trail system, you may explore guided hiking or biking experiences offered by the Trail House at Enchantment Resort, our sister property. These experiences leave directly from Mii amo. To explore the Sedona area on your own, we would recommend having your own transportation. We are approximately 2 hours away from the Phoenix airport, so a car service, rental car or other transportation is necessary to travel to and from Mii amo.

Can I arrive on a day other than Thursday or Sunday?

Mii amo has set arrival days to enhance the guest experience. This includes a welcome reception to allow you to meet other guests staying at Mii amo during the same time of your Journey.

Can I have a shorter stay?

Our shortest stay would be for our 3-Night Journey, arriving on Thursday.

What is the view from my Casita?

Rooms will have varying canyon views; a Journey guide can describe your Casita in further detail once a reservation is confirmed.

What is the vortex?

A vortex is not anything physical you will see or touch, but a place of energy that you may be able to feel. Vortexes are energy currents that encourage healing, meditation and self-exploration.

Are there any “must do” activities in Sedona? Can you recommend trails, dining, vortexes, shops or other experiences?

We highly recommend the Kachina Woman trail just behind Mii amo to experience the wonderful views and vortex energy at the top. Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village has many wonderful shops and restaurants. We are happy to connect with you to see what specifically interests you to best offer recommendations.

Will my Journey “fix” me?

You are not broken, but Mii amo can help in your healing process. It will not be something to be completed in one stay with us, but the first step along your personal journey.

Is the Grotto still there, and/or is the Grotto the same as before the renovation?

The Grotto is still here and as wonderfully peaceful and healing as before.

Can I dine at the restaurants at Enchantment Resort?

Yes, you may choose to dine at the restaurants at Enchantment Resort. If you are on a 7-or 10-Night Journey, then one meal at Che Ah Chi  and one meal at Tii Gavo would be included with your stay.

Can a friend come to visit with me for the day during my stay Mii amo?

Your guest would be able to come in for the day to dine and receive services at Mii amo. All dining and services would be an additional cost. Guests are not permitted to spend the night.

Do I need reservations to dine at Hummingbird?

For guests staying with us at Mii amo, reservations are never required. However, if you do wish to make reservations, your Journey Guide or the Hummingbird team will be very happy to assist.

For guests staying at Enchantment Resort, dining reservations at Mii amo are always recommended.

What are the age guidelines for Mii amo guests?

Mii amo welcomes guests 16 years and older.

Are Enchantment Resort guests allowed access to Mii amo spa, fitness center and pool?

Enchantment Resort guests have certain access to Mii amo. Enchantment Resort guests have full access to fitness center and Mii amo Boutique. Enchantment Resort guests may also utilize the Mii amo spa and dine in Hummingbird  with advance reservations.

Enchantment guests also have access to Mii amo pool and living room on the day of their spa service.

Do you offer day passes to Mii amo?

All dining and amenities at Mii amo are available only to guests staying at Mii amo or Enchantment Resort.

Are pets allowed at Mii amo?

Only service animals are permitted. Your Journey Guide can assist in making any necessary arrangements.