Our Story

  • sunken living room with red couches at Mii amo

Since 2001 Mii amo has been recognized as a leader amongst destination spa and wellbeing resorts, for its programming, the caliber of its professionals, its setting, architecture and design. As Mii amo reemerges from its journey of renewal and expansion, be among the first to discover all that is here for you.

Seek In

Mii amo is a world-class destination spa located in Sedona, Arizona’s Boynton Canyon. Mii amo inspires guests to Journey within, find connection with nature and focus on wellbeing. The award-winning property invites guests to embark on three, four, seven or 10-night all-inclusive Journeys. In the 23 years since its original opening, Mii amo has been regularly voted #1 Domestic Destination Spa by Travel + Leisure Magazine, in addition to the magazine’s coveted Hall of Fame list, Mii amo is acclaimed for its unique ability to enable profound wellbeing, offering timeless and inspired methods to help guests embrace the power that lives within them. Activities such as daily, guided meditations, and restorative treatments for mind and body enable Mii amo to foster and support each unique Journey, so guests return home with a renewed commitment to wellbeing.

Our Journey

  • “Through this major renovation and expansion, we were given the opportunity to further elevate Mii amo’s sense of place, with design that frames the red rock walls and landscape, brings natural light into every space of the building, and connects the guest to the Canyon.”
    - Dana Tang, Mii amo architect
  • “Our intention is to serve as co-creators of each guest’s experience or Journey. We are committed to offering personalized support for all individuals as they uncover their way, not the way. Our process is never prescriptive. We utilize our expertise to cultivate trusting, lasting relationships with each guest, working side-by-side to craft a Journey with them rather than leading them down a predetermined path.”
    – Stan Kantowski, Mii amo Managing Director
guest room with bed, fireplace and seating area


In addition to a full renovation of Mii amo’s existing 16 Casita guest rooms and suites, three new Casita buildings have been added to make a total of 23 accommodations. All accommodations include fireplaces, private outdoor spaces, and heated bathroom floors and are arranged within a quiet courtyard compound. New suites include their own private courtyards with fireplaces and outdoor seating.
Mii amo entrance at dusk with red rocks of Sedona in background

Spa and Wellbeing

Spa facilities now include 26 treatment and consultation rooms. A new consultation wing with a dedicated relaxation space has been added to provide a private setting for sessions with Mii amo’s mindfulness team and therapists.
Hummingbird outdoor dining patio


Our new signature restaurant showcases an eclectic culinary program focused on wellness. The restaurant sources seasonal produce from its own Chef’s Garden as well as from nearby farms, ranches and orchards. The fully redesigned juice bar provides refreshing and nutritious beverages by day and full bar and wine service in the evenings.
peloton bikes at Mii amo

Whole Body Fitness

New fitness and movement studios with expanded programs present physical fitness as an integral part of wellbeing and health. Looking out onto the Sensory Garden, the 3,300 square-foot fitness and movement studios provide ample space for personal and group instruction.
Vegetation in Sedona, agave, pinyon pine on the trails by Mii amo Spa & Resort

Connect to Nature

New spaces connect guests to the natural surroundings and the outdoors. They include the Relaxation Lounge and Garden, the Journey Plunge Pool and Garden, a Sensory Garden with a reflexology path, and expanded outdoor dining, an outdoor lounge and fireplace. Other landscape features include a labyrinth, a hammock grove and a yoga lawn, all with views of the surrounding red rock walls.
Mii amo pool


The Mii amo Pool, refreshed with a new pool deck, offers spectacular views. New furnishings and accessories complement the natural colors of the canyon. In addition, a private plunge pool is available for Journey guests.
Relaxation Lounge chairs at Mii amo

Gathering Places

New spaces were designed exclusively for the enjoyment of Journey guests to enhance the sense of privacy while fostering a sense of community. These include a Relaxation Lounge, the Journey Plunge Pool and garden, and the Journey Lounge.
Journey Lounge Fireplace

Journey Lounge

The Journey Lounge is a place for Journey guests to unwind, study and listen – with a fireplace, lounge chairs, library and space for lectures and presentations. A new private concierge is available to Journey guests.
red sunken living room at Mii amo

Living Room

The Living Room features a new sunken seating lounge allowing guests to relax and connect to the earth, while private niches line the perimeter of the room and offer connection to the sky and sun. The wood-burning fireplace adds warmth to the room.

Crystal Grotto

One of the most beloved spaces of the original Mii amo, the Crystal Grotto has been refreshed and remains an ideal site for daily meditation and reflection. This circular space, with its earthen floor and domed ceiling, centers around a pedestal of petrified wood featuring a gentle fountain and an illuminated quartz crystal. Lit by an aperture overhead, it is designed so that once a year, on the summer solstice, a beam of sunlight strikes the crystal, connecting earth and sky.

Energy of Boynton

Mii amo is nestled in one of the most special locations of the Sedona, Arizona region – Boynton Canyon.  Naturally formed in the shape of a horseshoe, the canyon surrounds and envelopes the resort and all who enter.

Over time, the landscape of Boynton Canyon was formed with high concentrations of iron and quartz within its sandstone cliffs. The iron that oxidized over thousands of years gives this land its iconic red coloring, creating beautiful red rock walls and soft sand trails beneath our feet. Iron naturally emits a higher level of magnetic energy, while quartz is a conductor that amplifies the electric energy field of the area. This rare combination is what creates the high electromagnetic energy that has made the Sedona region so popular for thousands of years.

It is this higher frequency of energy that amplifies our sense of connection to oneself and nature within this beautiful place. The energy of Boynton Canyon is very balanced, offering guests a grounded, nurturing spirit while also inspiring a path of personal discovery and connection to nature.

The word vortex is commonly used to describe this energy. A vortex is simply a circular movement and flow of energy. There are specific locations where concentrated currents of circular energy flow from the Earth, commonly referred to as vortex sites. Boynton Canyon is one of the most highly concentrated energy centers in Sedona, offering guests an opportunity to experience and feel the raw and awe-inspiring energy found within vortex sites.